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Ohio Trucking Association

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As a Commercial Driver, you face fines, suspension or even license revocation. CSA is fully active – defend your livelihood with U.S. Legal’s CDL Defender™.

U.S. Legal pays 100% of your attorney’s fees for covered legal matters – nationwide.

With CDL Defender™, you have access to premiere legal service. We use local attorneys that appear in court on your behalf. Our success rate is 84% in cases being dismissed or fines reduced. U.S. Legal helps to keep points off your driving record, reduce fines, and keep your license from being suspended or revoked. Stay on the road, earning money for you and your family with the CDL Defender™ Plan.

EXTENSIVE COVERAGE U.S. Legal Services offers unparalleled coverage for commercial drivers.

CDL Defender™

Who is covered?

The CDL Defender™ covers both the employee and the employee’s spouse in personal and commercial vehicles. Dependent children are also offered discounted attorney’s fees for all personal legal matters. What is covered?
Moving Violations Fully Covered 100%
Non-Moving and DOT Violations Fully Covered 100%
Major Accident Representation Fully Covered 100%
Administrative Hearings (license suspension/revocation) Up to 2.5 hours – 33.% discount thereafter
CSA Violations Included
Employer Benefits Fully Covered 100% – When a member driver is issued a citation that the company is named in, U.S. Legal will also represent the company on the citation at no additional cost.
Fine reimbursement as alternative benefit Included
Representation for a felony charge as a result of a serious traffic accident for involuntary manslaughter, manslaughter, negligent homicide or vehicular manslaughter Up to 10 hours – 33.3% discount thereafter
Enhanced Benefits:
FMCSA DataQ Challenges Services Included
Roadside Inspection Tracking Included
Non-Covered & Personal Legal Matters (Divorce, Child Support/Custody, Family Law Enforcements & Modifications, Criminal Law, Bankruptcy, Civil Law, Consumer Law, Document Prep/Review, Estate Planning, Adoption, Guardianship/Conservatorship, Name Change, Insurance Law, Real Estate Transactions, Landlord/Tenant Law, Debt Collection Defense, Foreclosure, Juvenile Matters, Immigration). 33.3% discount off the attorney’s normal hourly rate.
Identity Theft Restoration Program Included – Self-Service
Financial Coaching Included
Online Legal Document Library Included – (
Online Document Preparation: Wills & Trusts, Deeds, Sale of Goods, Corporations & LLCs, etc) Included
24-hour Emergency Services in case of arrest Included


All moving, non-moving and DOT violations for both carriers and drivers are covered at 100%. U.S. Legal pays the attorneys’ hourly rate whether you are in your personal or commercial vehicle!

Unsafe Driving DataQ Challenges
Fatigued Driving Consultation services
Driver Fitness Identity theft protection
Controlled Substances/Alcohol Coverage for spouse in both commercial and personal vehicles
Vehicle Maintenance Financial coaching
Cargo-Related Discounted legal services for personal matters
Crash Indicator
Coverage with the CDL Defender™ Plan includes nationwide coverage in your commercial and personal vehicles, for both you and your spouse. Coverage also includes pre-existing matters, personal legal matters covered at 33.3% discounted rate, Identity Theft Restoration Kit, and Financial Coaching.  

Limitations and exclusions apply. Criminal citations are handled at the discounted rate of 1/3 off attorney’s fees. Felonies are excluded. Insurance products are underwritten by U.S. Legal Services, Inc. Defender products are provided by U.S. Legal Services, Inc., depending on the product and state. This material is for illustrative purposes only and is not a contract.