Data Management Program

The data you need for the financial predictability and driver security you deserve.

U.S. Legal Services is proud to introduce the Data Management Program, a cutting-edge solution designed to meet the evolving needs of the transportation industry. We are providing you with the power to improve your safety programs in the palm of your hand.

Using data from our extensive network of over 1,000 transportation companies, our tool provides industry-leading predictive analytics to track, measure, and analyze driving violations across the country. Compare your company’s violations against our database to uncover critical insights you can use to lower your CSA scores, improve operational efficiency, and decrease costs.

We’ve developed our program with our members in mind, offering an intuitive and interactive experience that you can customize with the click of a button. Choose from a variety of at-a-glance dashboards, where you can view breakdowns by volume, violation type, geography, and more—providing you with the data you need to evaluate historical violations and prevent future ones from happening.

Program Benefits

By using our Data Management Program, you’ll gain access to not only our extensive database of violation statistics but also the tools you need to improve your safety programs and increase your profits.


Track the top violations your drivers are receiving and the top states where they are receiving them.


Compare your company’s violations against the U.S. Legal global data by type and location.


See a breakdown of which violations are the most common across the U.S. by state and county.

The Data Management Program is included with all of our transportation benefits plans.
To learn more about the program, please contact Don Lynn at

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